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We’re on a mission to speed up the shift towards plastic-free festivals. And we want to do it while giving festival goers an easier, better way to drink.


Every year over 100 million single use plastic cups are thrown away at outdoor events in the UK.

This isn’t surprising. We all know how many cups we go through each day at a festival (let’s be honest). And we’ve all felt the guilt as we tread through seas of disposable cups and bottles at the end of a festival, which not long ago was gloriously green and pristine.

All of these cups have been on a long journey before they get to you and will live a very, very long life afterwards. If it’s plastic, it’ll be around for another FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS.  

We don't have the systems in place to deal with current rates of waste in the UK, or globally. 
So we’ve designed a small solution to help us address this big problem. 



The MedoCup is a robust, stainless steel cup built to cope with the rough and tumble of festival life. Our cups are designed to replace a lifetime's use of disposable cups, with one cup that is simply better. And coming with a lanyard made out of 100% recycled PET, you’re not only eliminating the need for new plastic cups but you’re also putting existing plastic waste to good use.   



We're working to accelerate this shift in three ways:

  1. We are empowering festival-goers to be part of the change by providing them with a BYO reusable cup solution
  2. Providing a solution for festival and event organisers who want to make the shift to reusables on an event-wide scale
  3. Raising awareness of this issue and solutions amongst the festival community

The tide is turning on single use plastics.

Be part of the change – whether you’re a festival-goer or a festival organiser.