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The Story

MedoCup was founded on the side of a Bulgarian mountain... sort of.   

Three friends, avid festival goers, lovers of a drink, and guilt-ridden users of way too many single-use cups were pushed by a forward-thinking festival to go plastic free. After searching most corners of the internet, they couldn’t find anything suitable (read: anything that would both hold a full pint AND ensure their cup doesn’t get lost between drinks) and took to a north London warehouse to improvise.   

What they made was imperfect but it also saw them through five days of fun, colder drinks, free hands, and zero cups thrown in the bin. They realised the cup they’d created made it incredibly easy to do the right thing, so they headed back to London and made a whole lot more.   

No longer pieced together with a dodgy borrowed drill but still made with the same aim: we want to make it possible to be practical, be sustainable, and to have a good time.   

Get yours - whether you're a festival goer or a festival organiser.