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Working with Festivals

At Medo, we're on a mission to speed up the shift towards plastic-free festivals, and one of the ways we do this is by offering bespoke solutions directly to festivals seeking to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic cups at their events.


  1. Wholesale offer, with optional festival co-branding
  2. Cup rental service
  3. Retail offer via festival ticket packages and/or on-site sales (including joint promotional opportunities)


  • Lower longer-term cost: Due to the durability of steel cups, they can be used over and over again, giving them a much longer life than reusable plastic cups. They don’t break down, or leak plastics or chemicals over time, meaning you buy it once, and could then use it an infinite number of times.
  • Better drinking experience: Steel keeps your drinks cooler for longer and just offers a far better drinking experience than plastic. Better, cooler drinks lead to happier, cooler festival guests.
  • More care for the cup: Even when they’re reusable, users tend to place a low value on plastic cups and are more likely to lose them or throw them away without thinking. Steel cups are better looked after, more likely to be re-used, and more likely to be returned to festival bars.

  • Lower waste management costs: Less waste generated means lower fees for waste collection and recycling, and less worrying about where it’s all ending up.

  • Stay ahead of regulation: The EU Single Use Plastics Directive banning single use cutlery, food containers and other items will come into force in 2021. This is an example of increasing regulatory pressure in this space which may expand to other items and types of plastics over time.

  • Doing the right thing: With public awareness on this issue at an all-time high, doing the right thing could carry significant reputational benefits. 


  • Reducing the huge impact of manufacturing: More than 90% of the environmental impact of disposable cups is caused by manufacturing them and then only using them once. Steel cups can be used an infinite number of times (unlike reusable plastic at up to 75 uses), vastly reducing the need for continuous manufacturing.
  • Becoming less reliant on ineffective recycling systems: Due to the reusability of steel cups, we’re reducing the amount of waste being sent for recycling (which, unfortunately, often ends up being incinerated, sent to landfill, or shipped abroad to meet the same fate).
  • Minimising the impact on environmental and human health: Plastic pollution is being leached into the environment at a faster rate than ever before. Plastic doesn’t break down, it breaks up. It gets smaller and smaller, entering our waterways, food systems, and our own bodies, and the long term effect on human health is unknown.
  • Reducing the impact of recycling and re-manufacturing: Recycling itself uses a whole lot of resources. Of course, the impact is lower than creating new products using virgin materials, but nowhere near as good as reducing it to every 1,000+ uses or even cutting out the process altogether.

If you're interested in knowing more about how we can help your festival go plastic-cup-free, please get in touch at hello@medocup.co.